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Book Distribution

If you are an author who has written a manuscript and has invested in the production of softcover or hardcover editions of your book, you might consider distributing copies of your book from a different place than your home. We offer two options: we can ship your book from our location in Poulsbo to readers or organizations based on book orders through our online ordering system, or we can set your up book up for distribution at the largest book distributor Ingram. 

Book Evaluation

What if you believe your book can make it big? Our team at Reprospace analyses about 100 new book projects each year. With each new book, we try to find out if a traditional publisher is interested to publish this new manuscript as a book. We work with literacy agents and with publishers to make that decision. If we believe a manuscript needs more work or if we currently do not see a market for a book, we offer self-publishing services like the printing of Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to support authors in their efforts to improve their manuscripts and to receive valuable reader and peer reviews. 

Other Publishers

We might also refer authors to other publishers if we believe a certain title should be published under another label. For example, we like to refer authors who wrote poems to a local publisher named Copper Canyon Press.

Why Self-Publishing?

For some books, it might make sense to make them available to bookstores even when there is no reasonable financial return. For example, some readers might like to find certain reference books or locally relevant books in bookstores, schools, and libraries but there is no larger market that would financially justify a traditionally published book. This is why we use Reprospace's vanity publishing imprint 'Finn Hill Publishing' to set up a book for distribution. These books will be listed in distribution catalogs available to all bookstores worldwide, libraries, retailers, and educators. The processing of book purchases, printing, distribution, logistics, and billing will be performed by our distributor Ingram. Authors who like to pay for an indie publication can purchase our services. See our page for new authors here.

Reprospace produces nearly 100,000 issues of self-published publications each year. These publications include newsletters, magazines, books, and catalogs. 

If you are interested in getting your work published, you can find out more about the two publishing routes by clicking on below links:

A Service Company

An Investment Company

Book Distribution

We offer attractive Book Distribution Services

We offer three packages for authors. Package B includes a complete book distribution option to all bookstores, libraries, educators, and retailers. 

Our partner Kitsap Publishing is a traditional publishing company, which invests in books that promise to be successful. 

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Our mail processing partner Olympic Presort is a high-volume mailing center.

  • First Class and Standard Mail Tabbing 
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Data Merge

We are trained and equipped with data merge technology that can produce high-volume data processing and data merging with pictures for product catalogs, price lists, mass letters, and many other applications. 

* NCOALinkTM is a process that matches a file of names and addresses to the United States Postal ServiceĀ®